GTX 960

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GTX 960 OC

My P/S went wonky somehow.
And the old card, a 770, didnt want to work with the new P/S.

So I got this MSI gaming card.
Was the best deal for the power and output config.

Slipped up

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Should this kind of irony even be allowed?

And more importantly - how do you scale this?!

Winter trails

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cold trail

Winter hiking usually occurs on those overcast, drizzle laden days
that happen to get near 50 F.

Having a snowy hike with a comfort level allowing decent
enjoyment of the scenery is more challenging.

I was fortunate to have a sunny day at 27 F that felt
warm enough while the sun was bright.

Trails are easy to see covered with snow.
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Red Stapler

Fear not - I have it hidden where Lumbergh wont find it.


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I've been crafting maps for some time.

Though I'm only just now coming into my first major work:

Presenting mapping hack technology: Maphack

What is it?

A 3D engine that can build maps like nethack or rogue!

Here is an unrelated image from when I had some texturing issue:
(I just think it looks really cool and I may use the effect in the new tech)

Map tech

Update 11.016

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Presenting a new background left slide.

Some other minor improvements.

Next will be a new title banner and new cat, posted by and comment buttons.


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Lets talk about crates...

a Crate!

I first took notice in doom. I'm thinking they've been in video
games since the 80's. I'll leave it to you to go find proof.

Hell, in doom there is an entire warehouse full of them.
Nothing says military operation or scientific outpost like a crate.

Humans it seems have never learned to travel light. And where we go
we take our stuff. Lots of stuff.

In games, they first time I saw one you could open was half-life 2.
I loved it. Finally you could get at the contents of those suckers.

So, I made my own:

Contents: stuff!

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Old Glory

There are people all over the world who would give a ton to be a US citizen.

If you were born here I say this: Wake UP - be an AMERICAN!
Be the American our fore-fathers created the US for.
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One of my mapping challenges is terrain.

Making terrain look good in an oldschool editor like Radiant takes either
a lot of hard work, or a program like a terrain generator.

I have come up with another method:

land forms

When arranged randomly together, these forms make convincing terrain.
You could put them together in an editor with cut and paste work.

I take things a step further - I created a map engine to do all the work.

This will be showcased in two of my main projects: Quake-Hack and Anode X

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The "Patch"

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A nice patch of raspberries nearby. Love me some berries.

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