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Lets talk about crates...

a Crate!

I first took notice in doom. I'm thinking they've been in video
games since the 80's. I'll leave it to you to go find proof.

Hell, in doom there is an entire warehouse full of them.
Nothing says military operation or scientific outpost like a crate.

Humans it seems have never learned to travel light. And where we go
we take our stuff. Lots of stuff.

In games, they first time I saw one you could open was half-life 2.
I loved it. Finally you could get at the contents of those suckers.

So, I made my own:

Contents: stuff!

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Posted by: cataboligne
Old Glory

There are people all over the world who would give a ton to be a US citizen.

If you were born here I say this: Wake UP - be an AMERICAN!
Be the American our fore-fathers created the US for.
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Posted by: cataboligne
One of my mapping challenges is terrain.

Making terrain look good in an oldschool editor like Radiant takes either
a lot of hard work, or a program like a terrain generator.

I have come up with another method:

land forms

When arranged randomly together, these forms make convincing terrain.
You could put them together in an editor with cut and paste work.

I take things a step further - I created a map engine to do all the work.

This will be showcased in two of my main projects: Quake-Hack and Anode X

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The "Patch"

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Posted by: cataboligne

A nice patch of raspberries nearby. Love me some berries.

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X-Arcade mod

Category: Technical
Posted by: cataboligne
This is my first X-Arcade mod.

X-Arcade - built like a tank

That big red dial on the right is a usb spinner.
This is a high quality item with an anodized aluminum finish and
a heavy duty flyweight.

More images and info after the jump.

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Posted by: cataboligne
So, I hear there is this new TV show.

I only have one note...




There is NO other.


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Map concept

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Posted by: cataboligne

Solidifying specs for a new game.
This is a very basic map concept.

I think it has a lot of potential.
This can be expanded in the Z dimension.
Also other poly shapes could be added for variety.

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We all have our favorite things.
For some its sports. Others sci-fi. Some reading and some games.

Whatever it is, one of the highest accolades is the tribute.

Ra's _star_ gate

The version on the bottom is in a v1 painkeep map.
I made the top version as a tribute to both stargate and painkeep!

My gate can be found here behind a hidden shootable door: Visage map

What is your favorite tribute?

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Posted by: cataboligne
System 6

Welcome to "Weapon System 6"

This is a quake initiative to add a lot more weapon options to single player
and deathmatch. With a new quake-c base nearing completion
weapon system 6 is almost ready. Gear up marine!

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Posted by: cataboligne
Kai-Ten ftw!

KT approves of all black computer peripherals.
(even if its branded by ms...why?! why couldnt this keyboard be from atari?

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