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Lord of the Rings movies: platinum extended addition
There is quite a bit of added footage. Without credits, it runs 11 hours.

My favorite thing in all that:

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You will recognize this from Bladerunner

Nexus 6

The 80's gave us some awesome sci-fi movies. Good Starwars sequels.
Time bandits. Trek movies. Tron. Indiana Jones. Highlander.
It is a good list. Among the sci-fi there are more than a few tech predictions.
From martian and moon colonies to all manner of gadgets.

Recently "Back to the Future" has been hogging the limelight.
Flying car conversions, hoverboards, self lacing shoes, etc.
I just watched Runaway (84) and they had a floating camera you could go and
buy anywhere they sell drones!

The nexus series of androids can be added to the 80s vision of the future
that are yet to be seen.
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2 hordlings

From: wiki, reference: Brood V
"densities in some locales reaching 1.5 million per acre, trillions of individuals are expected to emerge"

They did, and how.

From appx may 21st to june 29th the little hordlings filled the trees, skys, fields and woods.

I only saw dead ones on my hike today.
I feel sad.

Click for extra pix:

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Porter is no longer here.
13 years is a long time for a cat to spend with a human.

He started out as an unwanted cat needing a home and
ended up being very special.

I dont think I'll get very many more cats.
It is too painfull when they die.
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C64-c - the upgrade.

This unit has a more amiga 500 appearance, and the keyboard types nicer than the original brown box.
Commodores last bit of marketing wizardry for the aging C64.

Another upgrade - the 1571 floppy unit. It fixed many 1541 problems and has a slight speed increase.
The wise will note it still had a bug or two.

38911 bytes free never looked so good as on this 38" monitor!

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Temple of Apshai - C64

The c64 version - running on a c128, just for kicks.

Temple of Apshai is an old school micro rpg that ran on 8 bit machines.
These were graphic enhanced adventures with rpg elements.
You move your avatar on screen through a dungeon and look for monsters to fight and treasure to collect.

The trilogy is a followup that combines 3 different adventures.
You create a limited character, select basic equipment and head straight into the dungeon.
In this case a temple dedicated to the Egyptian insect god - Apshai.

I spent many an hour exploring the dungeons and even created a strategy guide with maps and treasure lists.

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Porter Catzul

Porter has made one last trip to PA.
The happiest I've seen him in a decade.


Power rings

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In brightest day...

Not mine.

Yep, feeling a bit of the Orange about it too.


Green Lantern

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GL Oath

The one and only. My favorite.

More GL goodness to follow.


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is a cicada.

Next summer is the +special+ 17 year cycle.
There will be thousands of them everywhere!
Hope you arent afraid of bugs...