Game: Gauntlet (1985)

A very odd level that I have stored in a repeatable save state.

How did this happen?

I was doing a deep run through a lot of levels and using save states to document it.
Doing some high score research.

One level I did a save, exited and something strange happened. The game might have crashed and rebooted.

When I loaded the save state and hit the exit I ended up on the level you see.

This is similar to a gauntlet map, however, I have no idea how the corruption occured.
The maps are stored in rom. Though this is running on the mame32 emulator.

I preserved this save state and it runs the same way every time.

I've explored this level - it is very odd indeed. There are open places
you cannot walk. And some screen edges you can go beyond.

And yes, my highest score is slightly above the 8 million shown here.
I have yet to return to the project.

-Cat *