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site v1.1

Category: Chaos
Posted by: cataboligne
Just a test of overall appearance, this is what version 1.1 will look like. (v1.0 being the boring old default sceme.)

Category: Chaos
Posted by: cataboligne
Welcome to Grendels Grimoire.
Yeah it looks boring right now.
I have probably forgot more than most ppl ever knew about css since I had the last weblog, the Mystic Lantern.

An entry or two and I should have this site spiffed up.
Besides I needed a break from the Quake 1 Tenebrae engine source.

Its my intent that this blog (or should I say clog?) will be a step above the daily drivel you find on most blogs, but dont get your hopes up.

_-=* [ Cataboligne ]

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Category: Photography
Posted by: cataboligne
spent 4th of july at the beach.
someone set off some small fireworks.

fireworks display
see more for full size

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