Greetings Programs.

I have been an advocate for using Linux for many years now. I abandoned win 9x (98) sometime in 98 for the relatively more stable programming environment under win NT4. At least crashing code didnt take down the whole box. In 99 I used NT and Mandrake 8.0 in a dual boot config. The year prior I experimented with Slackware 5.x, Red Hat 7.x, Mandrake 8.0 and some other small Linuxes. Mandrake was the most impressive at the time but always disappointing because I couldnt get quake 1 & 2 to run.

In 2000 I left windows behind completely, electing to install a new machine I was building with only my latest discovery - Morphix ( - a great os - it installed in less than 300Mb, didnt come with a ton of duplicate and or useless apps, and had an alternate to KDE and Gnome: xfce4.

Its always disappointing to discover a new piece of hardware or new game will _only_ run under windows. Thus my irritation upon getting a DVDr dual layer burner and spending months trying to get dvdrecord to record a 7.4G disk!

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_-=* Cataboligne

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