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Category: Photography
Posted by: cataboligne
Catalina stayed with us for a short while (too short) while she recovered from some disease or other.
She came from a litter of stray cats living in the country and she was really sweet. One of the best cats I ever saved. Too bad someone gave her away while she was at the vet!


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Category: Photography
Posted by: cataboligne
Some wasps working on their home.

I sting you foo...

Some people I know kill wasps. I let 'em live. You have to respect a species of creature, some of which can carry 10 times their own weight, and many with built in defenses. Imagine being able to carry 2000 lbs and being able to defend yourself against a creature a 100 x your size!

Look at the one upper right - see the odd cap color on top of its head? I think that might be the queen.