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Category: Technical
Posted by: cataboligne
So, the latest linux implementation project is a bootable usb drive to improve my media machine running geexbox.

I found a 1G flash drive on sale for $10. This is perfect as I can install geexbox, a mini linux, and theoretically still have room for a movie or a couple of tv series episodes.

Great idea...I just discovered the media machine (a dual celery 500 from 99) doesnt allow usb boot.


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Category: Disorder
Posted by: cataboligne
MIR - mail in rebate...

How many people out there hate these as much as we do?

How many times have you sent one off - never to hear back?

How many times has one gotten rejected?

Really - why the hell isnt this stuff electronic by now? The bank transaction is electronic - and instantaneous. The bank reduces your available cash as soon as the card swipe is approved.

Why cant these dumb shits automate rebates. I have seen more instant rebates these days, but thats not enough - they should ALL be instant! (Especially on a freaking internet purchase...)


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Category: Technical
Posted by: cataboligne
So, we have been planning an upgrade for some time for the watching of video in widescreen. I like a number of widescreen TV, but the main issue is space (well ok, the darn things are pretty expensive...)

A few months back I started thinking of a widescreen to replace one of my 19" flat panels (been running dual view since I had 17" crts on a geforce 2.) The problem here was matching the vertical height, as I run a large extended desktop. For a total swap out this was a requirement. Office max has had some decent sales, but they always lack the 22" samsung (my 19"s are samsung syncmaster 930b) I want to measure for fit. I figured the swapped 19" for my second best game box till I could build the gauntlet / xmame project.

Only thing was I couldn't quite connect to the 22" wide flat panel deal I wanted. Tiger direct had one for 179.00, the ideal price...till I tried to buy it. Then the price was 199.00 - after a stupid mail in rebate. Really, why isnt that crap automated electronically by now? This needs to be a separate rant under "gripe writer" :-)

I trolled ebay, pricewatch, google, amazon and tiger till I found the best deal - a 24" wide panel for well less than 400.00! Woo hoo.

Now, do I remove a 19" and continue the dual view on my geforce 8600GT? Heck no! I found amidst my massive stack of hardware, buried in a hidden corner, an STB MVP pro. This thing is cool - it has an octopus cable that can drive 4 monitors ;-) The downside are the dual Riva 128's powering 4 monitors...but they can still do 1280x1024 at 15 bit color. And going from 2560x1024 desk top to 1280x1024 + 3200x1200 is just freaking killer.

But I got no desk (real wood antique type) space for this massive thing. The answer is simple - new desk. Office max had a deal there too - L desk with hutch & file for 199.00. It was bogus tho - the deal was only on the L desk, damn false advertising in their periodical ad. So I built an extension out of cabinet grade plywood. Great stuff, wish I had discovered it when I built my library 7 years ago. Somehow managed to grab the wrong can of stain on the way to paint - it was supposed to be red mahogany, a much darker color. Oh well, the 24" flat panel more than makes up for that.

Be a your own furniture!

Read more to see the big pic.

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