If you look here you will find a top 5 list of video game music some industry drone plumbed together for a hack article...

Are we all back now? Good. Didnt stay on that site did you?...better not have.

Anywho, I tried the "Tell us: What are your Top 5 most memorable video game songs?" link and the piece of shite wants to install a new web browser version. I have to point out its really freaking annoying to have to re-install software to do basic stuff like this. Probably have a rant on this in the near future - look for it under gripe writer.

So here is my top 6 "stuck in your head" list:

1. Crossfire (Commodore 64) - SID tunes have a special spot for me and this is the top one
2. Temple of Apshai trilogy (C64) - another great foot tappin' SID tune
3. Pinbot theme - music from my favorite pinball game ever
4. Reactor (arcade) - this techno hit came out in '82 for an odd concept game
5. Doom E1M1 - another thumping beat from '92 this time
6. Vanguard Energy theme - great music piece from the father of all scrolling shooters

_-=* Cataboligne