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Category: Quake
Posted by: cataboligne
Been concentrating on public release of some quake maps I've had sitting around awhile.
Find this and my other releases on

for details on the quake one (darkplaces) remix of doom e1m1 - hangar.


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Category: Chaos
Posted by: cataboligne
What is teh Catrix?
Its all around you. You see it when you go outside. Its there when you pay your taxes or take out your garbage. Unfortunately no one can be told what teh Catrix is...they have to be shown.

teh Catrix

Dream Catcher (alias Peeper) killed this sponge pack for months. Somehow it kept respawning.

I have made an intense and deep study of cats, being one of the more intelligent of our species. Cats are extremely intelligent with massive attention spans. A large attention span is necessary to manipulate extra dimensional properties. Except for a few rare cases they are all very bright and hide amongst us and run teh Catrix. How many times have you seen a Cat just staring at empty space - guess again, that is teh Catrix in action.

I can tell you that we are not the masters. We went about things all wrong. A few simple questions easily sort this out.

Q: What is a human? - A: A primate
Q: Are primates predators or prey to Cats? - A: Prey
Q: Does the Cat do any work? - A: A Cat only does what it chooses to do
Q: Do Cats perform tricks at human whim? - A: No
Q: Do Cats come when you call? - A: No, they wait till they are ready to check on their human(s)
Q: Who does all the work? - A: Humans
Q: Who sees to all the Cats needs? - A: Humans
Q: Who scoops the litter box? - A: Humans
Q: Who opens the door at the Cats whim? - A: Humans
Q: Who pays outrageous vet bills? - A: Humans

Does this sound like the activities of being(s) in charge? Sounds more like a servant to me...
A lot of what you know and believe are lies. Things like "God made man in his image." Human politics? All a cover up to hide the real machinations behind teh Catrix. Quantum physics, hah - why do you think Schrodinger chose a Cat to be in the box...Cats are most like quantum particles and _may_ actually be quantum beings! How many times have you _almost_ seen one in two places at once. The Matrix gives it away too - a story about our reality being a sham...the black Cat (deja vu my posterior) presages much chaos and change in the the end that same black Cat is walking around like it owns the place.

The Egyptians once worshiped Cats as Gods. Does anyone really believe the Cats would just give all that up. And the large Cats - they are part of it too. Zoos and circuses are just a trick to lull us into a false sense of security. You meet a big Cat in the wild - you _are_ food! No ifs, ands, or buts...except maybe yours.

Oh noes - tehy are watching, I must go now.

the Cat

Category: Technical
Posted by: cataboligne
A few months ago late one night, the old Cat was sitting around spawning some code and heard a sound in the room.

Nothing presented itself for visual inspection, so we took a look about - and found nothing.
The noise was like a plastic ruler being slammed on a desk hard.

It happened again last night, and when we observed the system the main video display, a geforce 8800gt, was filled with artifacts. 3 electrolyte capacitors had blown...not leaked, blown!

Word to the wise: if you are ever computing late at night and hear a snap like a good cap gun - check your caps!

Category: Chaos
Posted by: cataboligne
No humor section, so this will have to go under chaos.
Look here: "PETA's Inconsistent Policies - Animal Rights Group Kills More Than They Save!"
Comment on top - click here for text.


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Category: Disorder
Posted by: cataboligne
The gripe writer strikes again.
Look here: "The Unethical Treatment of the Working Class."
Last time I looked my comment was on top.
Click here for the text.


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