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Category: Photography
Posted by: cataboligne
A mom kitty has been hanging out the last few months...we knew she was a mom in march when she came to visit and was much smaller.
A few weeks ago she brought her kittens to us. We think she was living behind an empty house and someone just acquired it.
Feels like a great honor that a semi-feral cat trusts us with her kittens. They are living in our back yard right now and seem very happy and healthy.

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Kitteh code


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Category: Disorder
Posted by: cataboligne
So I got some kind of earth explorer proggy. Looks like a game for a seven year old, but I couldnt resist the "Volcano simulator" it promised. That and it was less than 2 dollars. (Anyone remember the paper boy from "Better off dead"?)
Got a thing for volcanos. Couldnt get it to run under xp yet...stupid thing has to install quicktime - even I dont think the simulator needs it. Dont expect much from the simulator - might have to design my own...perhaps with the hl2 engine.