My personal fascination with Green Lantern began in the early 70's (silver age now...) with some issue prior to 100. Not from the very beginning, but pretty early on. Until recently that staid collection was stored nearby in a box. Since discovering the ability to make a "backup" of that treasure, I decided to give it to someone else to enjoy, in order to save space.

One thing I was always disappointed with was that with an entire sector of space to deal with and explore, Hal Jordan was so wrapped up in his earthly identity and life. I'm sure his creator(s) did that so other readers could easily relate to him. If it twas me, I would not worry about a secret identity...I wouldn't even have lived on earth, just set up some monitoring systems and been off in space (and probably time as well...)

emotional spectrum personified

Since the end of the silver age and the advent of Kyle Rayner as GL, I lost interest in the series. However, I came across the blackest night saga (quite by random chance - I know, it doesn't exist) and find myself intrigued. Some die hard fans seem disappointed, but from a long time sci-fi and fantasy reader, its a good solid story line. The only thing I'd quibble is some of the retcon they use. But thats me.