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Category: Screens
Posted by: cataboligne

C64-c - the upgrade.

This unit has a more amiga 500 appearance, and the keyboard types nicer than the original brown box.
Commodores last bit of marketing wizardry for the aging C64.

Another upgrade - the 1571 floppy unit. It fixed many 1541 problems and has a slight speed increase.
The wise will note it still had a bug or two.

38911 bytes free never looked so good as on this 38" monitor!

Category: Screens
Posted by: cataboligne
Temple of Apshai - C64

The c64 version - running on a c128, just for kicks.

Temple of Apshai is an old school micro rpg that ran on 8 bit machines.
These were graphic enhanced adventures with rpg elements.
You move your avatar on screen through a dungeon and look for monsters to fight and treasure to collect.

The trilogy is a followup that combines 3 different adventures.
You create a limited character, select basic equipment and head straight into the dungeon.
In this case a temple dedicated to the Egyptian insect god - Apshai.

I spent many an hour exploring the dungeons and even created a strategy guide with maps and treasure lists.