GTX 960

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Posted by: cataboligne
GTX 960 OC

My P/S went wonky somehow.
And the old card, a 770, didnt want to work with the new P/S.

So I got this MSI gaming card.
Was the best deal for the power and output config.

Update 11.016

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Posted by: cataboligne
Presenting a new background left slide.

Some other minor improvements.

Next will be a new title banner and new cat, posted by and comment buttons.

X-Arcade mod

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Posted by: cataboligne
This is my first X-Arcade mod.

X-Arcade - built like a tank

That big red dial on the right is a usb spinner.
This is a high quality item with an anodized aluminum finish and
a heavy duty flyweight.

More images and info after the jump.

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Posted by: cataboligne
vintage micros

My meager collection of vintage micros on this custom shelf unit.
I built the shelves for multiple uses, but it turned out perfect for storing
the micro systems.

The 2nd and 3rd shelves (up from bottom) slide out as seen with the 2nd.
This accomodates keyboards and other system components.

Support free code by Six gaming on Patreon

Support free code

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Posted by: cataboligne
Some may have noticed the site changes. After years of static existance
the site is being spiffed up. Its a new era so to speak.

That includes the title change. (Though some mozilla browsers may not see
the full title :-( no idea why either...)

You also need a wide window (1600 px minimum) to see Eppy and the new title.
I'm learning some new tricks!

The grimoire has given way to the Mysterium. Still with the power of Grendel of course.

More redesign may sally forth.

its me!

Dual 27"

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Posted by: cataboligne

Last upgrade I went to the nixeus 27".

One soyo 24" died - they no longer make them.
And 24" offerings were just lame.

Only choice - bigger monitors.
Had to get a heavy bracket to hold them.

With a wee little 19" on the side for vars things.

I am most pleased with these monitors.

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Latest build:

AMD 6000+ dual core
Geforce 560ti "Hawk"
4G Mem
2Tb HD
Strike 7 keyboard
RAT 9 mouse
Razer Nostromo Gamepad
38" Westinghouse LED widescreen
Labtec 2.1 speakers
Logitech trackball
2 stick X-arcade

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Greetings programs;

Haven't done much with conquest lately.
This is some graphics I did as a doomsday machine replacement - the giant space amoeba.
It has a dark area around it that masks out planets and background as well.

space amoeba

Read more for more views.


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Changes in life have recently led to moving my office setup around. This includes moving the main computing center, always a big operation. It amazes me how many more connections there are with every upgrade and doo-dad addition. USB hasn't helped - the standard is responsible for upwards of 4 devices that are not a mouse.

Close up on nerve center

Going dual 24" widescreen monitors really necessitated the need for some kind of mounting system. The steel frame shown came from a show - "Imaginary Invalid". Some monitor mounts on clearance at office max secured the dual 24". That left my previous dual 19" off the desk edge, so I custom built some arms for them. Needless to say the arms need re-engineered, but thats one of my specialties so its ok.

The mounting frame has solved all kind of issues from the old desktop from speaker mounts to the keyboard light.

The desk is so clutter free now (compared to this) I keep knocking over drinks!

As you can see in the full view after the link, I judiciously left some expansion room for either a) more smaller monitors or b) a big widescreen. I'm thinking big widescreen myself.

Click for more detailed pics


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A few months ago late one night, the old Cat was sitting around spawning some code and heard a sound in the room.

Nothing presented itself for visual inspection, so we took a look about - and found nothing.
The noise was like a plastic ruler being slammed on a desk hard.

It happened again last night, and when we observed the system the main video display, a geforce 8800gt, was filled with artifacts. 3 electrolyte capacitors had blown...not leaked, blown!

Word to the wise: if you are ever computing late at night and hear a snap like a good cap gun - check your caps!