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So, I hear there is this new TV show.

I only have one note...




There is NO other.


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Trek Lore

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Trelane!...I mean "Q"

We are looking at Trelanes very broken power focus mirror - from "Squire of Gothos"
We know Trelane to be a being of extraordinary power, if but a youth of his kind.
Thus he needed some kind of tech to enhance his nascent powers to play with his toys...

This prop was created in the 60s as a vision of future tech.

So, here is the important question:

Is this a vision of the 60s concept of future tech, or is it Trelanes concept of what he thinks
the crew would think is future tech?
(Because Trelane thought earth was around the 14th century.)

Because to me it looks like a bunch of 60s electronics and appliances threw up in a box.
And someone wisely hid that shit behind a mirror.

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If you watch certain next gen. episodes there are references
to improvements made by Scotty and other TOS characters.

And this is one of them! Yes..
Under a section titled:
"The engine room is important - do your part to make it look important."

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You know: Jack

What can be said about Jacks unending struggle with the Shapeshifting master of darkness...
Epic things are - Epic.

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A Sharkroom cloud.
What could ever be more awesome.
This literally beats every single sharknado film hands freaking down.

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Lord of the Rings movies: platinum extended addition
There is quite a bit of added footage. Without credits, it runs 11 hours.

My favorite thing in all that:

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You will recognize this from Bladerunner

Nexus 6

The 80's gave us some awesome sci-fi movies. Good Starwars sequels.
Time bandits. Trek movies. Tron. Indiana Jones. Highlander.
It is a good list. Among the sci-fi there are more than a few tech predictions.
From martian and moon colonies to all manner of gadgets.

Recently "Back to the Future" has been hogging the limelight.
Flying car conversions, hoverboards, self lacing shoes, etc.
I just watched Runaway (84) and they had a floating camera you could go and
buy anywhere they sell drones!

The nexus series of androids can be added to the 80s vision of the future
that are yet to be seen.


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I am a Free Man

"questions are a burden...and answers are a prison for oneself"