The Gripe Writer flies again...

Got this in the mail recently. Its a marketing shill. nothing more.

Click to be enlightened...


What the hell?
Look at the front, then read the first line on the back.
Now I ask can a gift card NOT be a gift card?

Truly this represents, more than anything, the problems modern society has created.
And I believe every major corporation, private or public, and even some non corporate organizations are guilty.
They all tell lies. About something. Anything. Even just 1 little lie.

These organizations are not held to thier words. They have no honor. No compassion. No morals.
Yet they control vital infrastructure, resources, and significant aspects that affect our daily life...why?

And there is no punishment. The will of the people is defanged.
Go back a century or two - you could run a shill out of town if everyone stood together.
Or even better imprison them for a time. Put companies out of business.
Sometimes even mob justice prevailed. Or possibly...A just trial.

Now we feed our will into our governments...but somehow they do what "they" want and
not what "we" want or need. This "they" profess to have our best interests at heart.
And yet those interests are conveniently ignored.

Somewhere our collective will is subverted, ignored, misled.
Where will it end?