The gripe writer strikes again.
Look here: "The Unethical Treatment of the Working Class."
Last time I looked my comment was on top.
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Good to see you fixed the mistakes. Our society and world is changing. In the words of The Gunslinger - "it has moved on." I recall many years ago Mom going to get errors fixed with local stores. People that we lived near and did business with. They were always apologetic about the mistake and took care of any issue immediately. Today - just try and convince any corporate stooge that 1) someone there or the computers made a mistake, 2) someone needs to take action to fix it and 3) you need an apology. In writing. Somewhere along the way many people who work for or run a company have gotten the idea that no one is responsible for anything. ever. This mental poison is affecting the government too. I have some ideas though - we (supposedly) live in a democracy. So why are places of employment dictatorships? I think we should make some workplaces changes where we can vote on leaders and policy.

-The Cat

Posted on 10/07/2008 at 10:10:15 PM