The dynamo is the latest in energy weapons. A three phase disaster maker that ends ordinary fire fights quicker than they start.

The essence of the dynamo is a motor generator. Cell energy is transformed from dc current to 3 phase power in the coils of the spinning armature. Fig. 1 to the right is an editor view of the map model in .mdl format. (Click for full size image)


Features of the dynamo include:

. insulated polycarbon frame
. classic hardwood grips
. easy release power cell mount
. precision chrome power gauge
. high energy dispersion copper tip
. high grade electrical feeder cable
. high density 3 phase energy storage rotor

Firing sequence:

1 select dynamo
2 lock energy cell to mounting below gauge
3 actuate to start fire sequence
4 rotor spins up, charging begins
5 actuate again to stop charge prior to 70 cells
6 actuate to release energy
7 a high intensity lightning pulse delivers the weapons full charge to the current target
8 the weapon will spin down
9 the target will be consumed in a violent ball lightning blast

you will be unable to move while charging due to strong magnetic nature of the weapons EM field
if charging continues past 70 cells of energy the weapon can overload and blow up
if too few cells are charged the weapon will just spin down when fired
if you wait too long to fire the weapon will spin down to prevent an overload
in the event of a non fire spin down some cell energy is consumed due to hystereisis losses
the dynamo's EM field effect will protect you from ball lightning from your own weapon only!
ball lightning will flux, pulsing larger and smaller, steadily consuming its energy supply
targets trapped inside ball lightning suffer electrical shock and are unable to move
if the ball lightning has too few targets inside it will release random ordinary lightning bolts
these can harm you so stay clear of the immediate area in case of few targets
ball lightning can consume nearby cell packs for more energy
2 ball lightning that touch will also feed off each others EM waves, extending pulse flux time

Figs. 2 - 4, in game pics. (Click for full size images)

fig 2 - map modelfig 3 - weapon viewfig 4 - ball lightning effect