Been concentrating on public release of some quake maps I've had sitting around awhile.
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for details on the quake one (darkplaces) remix of doom e1m1 - hangar.


This is a quake 1 deathmatch preview of a map that will be in the chaos mod. A re-entry into dooms original start map - the Hangar. Lovingly recreated in all its glory down to the finest details. This map (having been ported from doom to quake to quake2 to quake3 then back to darkplaces for the chaos mod) was part of a project to port a bunch of doom levels to quake in the q1 heyday of 1996. However, due to iniquities in porting only e1m1 and doom2 map01 were ever completed.

Main battle area & release screenie:

screenshot 1

Slime pit room, the slime has creepy green highlights via .lit file:

screenshot 2

View from hidden wall panel - great place for planning an ambush:

screenshot 3

What made this map special?
Fred: purveyors of fine candelabra, exploding toxic waste barrels and the ubiquitous low electric lamp, all shown here:

demo graphics

Close up of the chaos mod exploding doom barrel and a custom health bottle model, the stuff in the barrel is cool - it bubbles and writhes around:

demo graphics

Sample set of doom weapons and items in map model format for a generations styled adventure:

demo graphics

This concludes our tour of the doom dimension - please return your tape players to the attendant, or the imps might get you.