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2600: Vanguard

The venerable and much loved Atari VCS - codenamed 2600.
It has many arcade ports, some which leave much to be desired.

This is Vanguard - a classic for which the 2600 does justice.
Not an exact copy, but very good for a 2600 rendition.

Special - "frying" the game produced a version wherein you got 6 lives!
And perhaps some interesting and perhaps impossible play.



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I am a Free Man

"questions are a burden...and answers are a prison for oneself"
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For a long while I've wanted my own gauntlet machine.
Since I first played it in 1986 most likely.

First to just be able to play it again.
But lately as part of a mame / arcade cabinet system so I could play many games in a more authentic idiom.

I've missed a couple chances to get one and now they seem to be getting rare.
Despite a crash in the arcade sales / rental market, prices on specific machines seem to be headed upwards.
Which makes zero sense.

So, I am considering building a cabinet and tricking it out for mame.
I like design number 4.

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From lieutenant commander to commodore. Heck of a promotion.


And a great way to avoid redshirt fatality.
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Some may have noticed the site changes. After years of static existance
the site is being spiffed up. Its a new era so to speak.

That includes the title change. (Though some mozilla browsers may not see
the full title :-( no idea why either...)

You also need a wide window (1600 px minimum) to see Eppy and the new title.
I'm learning some new tricks!

The grimoire has given way to the Mysterium. Still with the power of Grendel of course.

More redesign may sally forth.

its me!

dice ++

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Peridote precision

Some new recruits for the old school rpg.
These are peridot gamescience precision and they are hard to find now.
I seem to be missing a d6.
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No idea who made this - credit to anonymous then.
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